Paradise Cover Grass Child Original Live Band Music San Francisco Bay Area

a tribute to the PEOPLE & community of butte county, california

- grass child family -

sarah madsen

brant roscoe

jonny tindall

barry forsythe

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Paradise Cover Grass Child Original Live Band Music San Francisco Bay Area

PARADISE* [single]

released 2019

*every purchase of this cd or download will be donated directly to 
Caring Choices,
in support of ongoing services for the fire victims of butte county, california
visit caring-choices.org

Jam In The Van Cover Grass Child Original Live Band Music San Francisco Bay Area


released 2014

Nothin’ New
Bury Me

Marinade Cover Grass Child Original Live Band Music San Francisco Bay Area


released 2012

1760 | Fryin’ | Driftin’ Away | Chasin’ Time | The Dream
Down Here | Marmalade | Behind The Mountain | The Cycle
Let Yourself Go | 1760 (Radio Edit) | Driftin’ Away (Radio Edit)
Down Here (Radio Edit) | Let Yourself Go (Radio Edit)

Hobo Bridge Cover Grass Child Original Live Band Music San Francisco Bay Area


released 2010

Driftin’ Away
Road to Anywhere
Durty Nelly


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In 2017, Grass Child guitarist Brant Roscoe lost his family home in a sudden, violent blaze as winds picked up and blew the Napa Valley Atlas Fires up the western slope of the Vaca Mountain Range. Able to escape safely with little more than the clothes on their backs and a few prized guitars within arms reach, Brant and his family were fortunate. Brant’s fiancé Polly lived just a few doors away and was faced with similar circumstances; also forced to leave her home, as the damage was too great to continue its habitation.

The following year, the town of Paradise, located in Butte County, California was suddenly engulfed by one of the most devastating wildfires in history. Polly grew up just north of the town in Stirling City, went to school in Paradise, and maintained many close relationships in the area over the years. She and Brant had just been there for a visit a few days prior the outbreak and days after, the fire summarily wiped out most all of the town. Brant and Polly returned in hope of lending support to the community, friends and family they had just seen; whose town and homes were no more.

Moved by their experiences, Polly encouraged Brant to write a song to honor the community and that he enlist his former bandmates in Grass Child to assist. In September 2019, after just 3 weeks of rehearsal, the band reunited for their first show in three years at the Napa Valley’s esteemed Blue Note; to a sold out crowd. During the show, they debuted the song live in an unprecedented semi-acoustic set and received a standing ovation for the performance. Terrie Carson, one of Brant’s family friends, was in the audience that night and shot video of their performance of the song, which was later posted on social media and received more than 11,000 views in its first week online.

Encouraged by support from many fans present at the show and who saw the live video of the song online, the band entered the studio to record it the following week. Within the first two weeks of recording sessions, the energy behind the song and the successful progress of the recordings inspired the band members to the realization that this was something greater than just a new single: it was a powerful message that needed to be shared. Cameras began rolling, and the concept to create a video to accompany the track was born.

The band enlisted Polly and drummer Barry Forsythe’s brother Brad, who lives in Butte County, to reach out to the community and ask for their personal video clips and photographs of their experiences through the fires. Thanks to the support of Holly Luke, Jessica Hahn, Stephen Murray and many other residents of the Paradise area, the footage began flooding in. Now, 6 weeks later, a new song is born and a heartbreaking video produced to accompany it.

It’s our hope that this message travels far and inspires many to remember that the California wildfires are a serious matter, and that resources run thin both during and after. Today, the town of Paradise is still being reconstructed, with many families displaced long-term; while others were forced to leave their homes for good. This is still the case for many here in Napa County and neighboring Sonoma County as well. We are among a fortunate few to have made it through these experiences, and count our blessings as such; yet we have great hope that conditions will improve in years to come, for everyone.

Please show your support for the victims of the Camp Fire in Butte County by downloading a copy of Grass Child’s original song ‘Paradise’ today.
Grass Child is donating 100% of the proceeds from these sales to Caring Choices and their Camp Fire Long Term Recovery efforts.

Caring Choices Butte County Camp Fire Relief Services hug paradise california camp fire butte county california Grass Child Original Live Band Music San Francisco Bay Area

- About Caring Choices -

Caring Choices was created in response to the HIV epidemic that was affecting residents and families living in rural Northern California.

Their staff works diligently to help people living with HIV/AIDS to navigate the complex issues associated with the disease. With offices in Chico, Marysville and Redding, Caring Choices is able to offer help and programs in eight different counties.

Since their doors opened in 1993, they have offered a wide range of services always looking to fill in the gaps. Their current programs focus on Disaster Case Management, Volunteering Programs, Community Education, Early Intervention Services, and HIV Case Management work among other programs.

What is Long-Term Disaster Recovery and Case Management

Following a disaster as large and devastating as the Camp Fire in Butte County, the importance of continuing and supportive assistance from community organizations is immeasurable. Long-term disaster recovery refers to the time agencies and organizations dedicated to assisting disaster-affected individuals to reach their unique goals for recovery following a major disaster. In addition to time spent assisting individual survivors, agencies and organizations like Caring Choices develop and integrate plans for recovery over an extended amount of time.

Disaster recovery will be unique to each individual or family and will progress differently over time. Long Term Disaster Case Management connects an individual or family with a skilled case manager who is prepared to support disaster-affected individuals with identifying and working towards their unique recovery goals. Case Management at Caring Choices is prepared, but not limited, to deliver the following tasks to help survivors navigate their paths for recovery:

  • Outreach and interviewing of those affected by the Camp Fire.
  • Intake and assessment of survivors.
  • General case management and referral to other relevant organizations that can assist with survivors identified goals.
  • Recovery planning and ongoing assistance.
  • Support and assistance with accessing FEMA, SBA, and other important local and disaster-related organizations.

- This is...Paradise -

Please show your support for the victims of the Camp Fire in Butte County
by downloading a copy of Grass Child’s original song ‘Paradise’ today

Grass Child is donating 100% of the proceeds from these sales to:
Caring Choices and their Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Efforts

Grass Child Poppy Logo Grass Child Original Live Band Music San Francisco Bay Area

- family -

KVYN Napa Valley Grass Child Original Live Band Music San Francisco Bay Area

In the early 90's, Grass Child Gypsy sprung to life from the melee of rock/post-metal collective 'Witch Hazel,' a group founded by Grass Child Gypsy members, vocalist Kurt Briggs Schindler, guitarist Brant Roscoe and percussionist Barry Forsythe.

With the addition of bassist Tommy Hill (founding member and chief songwriter for the neo-flamenco groups Akanthos and Rumba Tribe), the band set forward on a different path; creating music with danceable influence channeling Schindler's Virgin Island roots and the improvisational influences of then-current Bay Area artists.

The powerful and playful lyricism and songwriting, combined with instrumental prowess from this group of multi-faceted players took shape quickly and caused the group's following to grow at a furious pace.

Following the release of the band’s self-titled full-length debut album, Hill departed from the group and area bassist Jonny Tindall joined in 1996, adding his own non-traditional playing and songwriting styles to the already successful collective. Improvisations, songwriting and live performances took natural shape for the quartet; who often invited other performers to join the lineup on stage and in the studio.

The band wrote, recorded, produced and released a second full-length album in 1999, aptly titled 'Evolution.' The sophomore effort by the group showed an increasing affinity for calypso and reggae, as well as a marked refinement in syncopation and detail. Evolution's release placed the band on stage with dozens of national caliber players ranging in genre from rock, reggae, blues and world beat.

The original Grass Child Gypsy disbanded in the mid-2000's following Schindler's return to the Caribbean; a locale where he has since seen great success as a touring solo performer and founding member of the islands’ wildly popular Drunk Dumplins lineup.​

Uptown Theatre Napa Grass Child Original Live Band Music San Francisco Bay Area
Grass Child Blue Note Napa Green Room Grass Child Original Live Band Music San Francisco Bay Area

The remaining members reformed in California in 2009, simply as 'Grass Child,' adding the powerful and accomplished bay-area vocalist Sarah Shin-Madsen to the forefront of the group. With a solid, three-octave range and steady touring history, Shin-Madsen soon carved out an important and influential niche in the group’s ever-evolving sound.

In 2010, the next evolution of Grass Child produced an EP-length release, unofficially titled “Hobo Bridge,” which featured a sampling of the quartet’s earliest songwriting efforts over four tracks spanning genres from progressive rock, calypso, reggae and southern-rock. On the heels of this release, the band set out on an intensive schedule of live appearances throughout the west coast.

Grass Child entered the studio again in 2012 to capture their newly-penned original tracks, many of which had never been performed live or even as a group. It was said many times in the preceding months that the band needed some time for “marinating,” and with that the full-length album “Marinade” was released late that year. Predominantly acoustic and reflective of the group’s individual and collective songwriting prowess, the album was a rare gem of energy not previously expressed.

Due to the growing popularity of the band and the success of their first full-length release, over the years that followed Grass Child garnered numerous invitations for mainstage performances at regional festivals and engagements in support of headline acts such as The Cure, No Doubt, The Avett Brothers, Ziggy Marley, Gregg Allman, Los Lonely Boys, Los Lobos, Blues Traveler, Michael Franti and Spearhead, The Cold War Kids, Houndmouth, Ozomatli, Jimmy Cliff and many more.

Bottlerock Napa Toshiba Stage Grass Child Original Live Band Music San Francisco Bay Area

Today, the members of both groups remain close friends and collaborators and continue to create music and appear on stage together.